Goat Simulator PAYDAY App Reviews

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My brother is mad coffe stain

My brother bought goat simulator and then he had to buy it again what are you thinking 😡

I love this game but fix this

I love this game but it’s so hard to get up on the cushion it’s way to hard I tried 32 time it’s so hard!!!!!!!!

I love it

This is my favorite game just one thing in the next update please let people who are playing it be able to do the pranks more than once

Please read Coffie stain

I have played all 5 goat simulators and think you should make a new goat sim about movies 🎥 plz consider

One flaw

If you are using one goat and go a far distance and you switch you go back to the start

Good game

Cofiee stain studios please make a update of goat simulator payday were there’s guns and people from movies and games

Very fun game, but not worth the price.

I love this game a lot, very fun & addicting. But it’s just so LAGGY. It would be 5⭐️s, but the lag ruins the fun. And there’s not enough to do in the game. I’m already pretty bored with it. (I just bought it yesterday)

Don’t buy this.

This game is horrible. The map is so huge it’s impossible to navigate, to see where you are on the map you have to find a baa machine first which is sooo annoying because if you want to know where you are you have to run away from where you are to find a baa machine. There are a bunch of tasks to complete but they’re all impossible because once you find the place to complete the task you have to run across town to get an objet then run back across to do the task. It’s so annoying. This was a waste of my time and money. Don’t buy it.

Cool game!

When I got this game I figured out its fun and child frieindly even though it’s based on GTA I’d say it’s 96 procent child friendly for violence and crude humor I recommend you buy it for them!😎😎😎 if you don’t they may feel like🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

more like theifs

can you add it so you can spawn people who will come with you and you can give them weapons and you get weapons and tell them what to do and get in when you drive like grand thef auto v please and please make it where you can go to different ares


i love this app! great job 😊

Where’s the dev?

I can’t complete the game because I can’t find the dev. I go where it shows me to go and there’s no one named dev anywhere! Please fix this glitch, and sorry if you heard this a million times, thank you for reading

My new favorite game!

This app is great! It’s probably the most realistic Goat Simulator game out of all of them! The Cast, the Models, the Map, and the pranks make the game so fun! I wish I can select pranks I’ve already completed. But other than that it’s awesome! Also change the car controls they’re not so good. Thank you for this! Five Stars!

So many bugs and so little pranks

Sometimes when you change into another goat it brings you back to like the zoo or something and when Valentino Salomi mind controls something they will launch up in the air after you take them were they go if there is place for them also pls add some more pranks but other than that I like your goat simulator games I have original payday and mmo rn so yea bai

Fix Please!!!!!!!

So, I love this game. Let’s just get this out of the way.If not for the broken controls, I would give it five stars. The lick control, the pow control, and the head but/ kick controls don’t work.And that is annoying. I need those controls to,do that pranks/ missions. Without those controls I can really do nothing. Also when I change my goat it takes me back to the start of the game. It still saves my progress, it just moves me back to the starting point. It is so stupid. If you fix these problems, I will think about giving this game fives stars. -Thanks

:) plz read and add:)

Hi peeps! I love all the goat sims. I just think that here should be some work on the ragdoll glitches. But that’s not what I’m here for. I was wondering if you could add a wolf for the next goat sim you make. I would love to get the new goat simulator pack and be able to play as a wolf. Also, you don’t have to make the new goat sim. Just the wolf. And a cat if you can. Moving on... I don’t care how the cat looks but is it ok if the wolf looks realistic and well made? Not like the derpy wolf that a lot of people use in wolf games. It’s ok if you can’t do any of this. Thx if you do read this! 😁😁😁🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

Fun game, what a shame

I like this game, but I really dislike the fact that all my progress in the game is reset whenever I open up the app. All my goats and trophies have completely disappeared for the fourth time.

Best goat sim yet......

Its amazing! For some reason it’s really fun to play after completing it and the music never gets annoying.

Where’s the last trophy?

I have found 19 but I cannot seem to find the 20th! Please tell me.


Why won’t this game load?

For people complaining

IT IS MADE TO BE GLITCHING it is Supposed To make u laugh and be more fun that is why is glitches BTW great game Coffee stain

Coffee stain 🙏 thank you

I was thinking that you could do a goat simulator water park with 🦖 dinosaurs and dragons 🐉 thank you so much for Thames’s awesome games coffee stain please write back P.s your games are on of they most greatest simulation game of all time


I love the Cat temple its so cute and funny the goat can be the cat boss


It was good although graphic content I know it is and (cough) apple phone but still Over all though good game!


I spent years collecting all of those goats and now they are all gone. Illuminati confirmed and I am really mad and sad

you can go in prison by yourself

Great app but when the cops are not putting you you can actually go in


This game is so godd thet thay wil macke itt gooooodd

Heres this

Just add real payday guys that attack you and make you dizzy add everthing add a new map


This game is totally amazing and addictive, good job Coffee Stain! It’s very hard to put the game away and it is definitely one of a kind. There are some glitches like falling out of the world and flying up into the sky when I try to get out of the three-wheeled wagon occur fairly regularly, but they aren’t more than a minor annoyance. The most annoying glitch is how I found all twenty trophies, but didn’t get the last goat that requires all the trophies to get! I know I found them all because I watched a YouTube video that showed me where they were. If you fixed this glitch, I would definitely consider buying more of your games. Though this problem has left me a little frustrated, I still enjoy playing the game whenever I get the chance. If anyone is looking to buy this game, I would 100% recommend it because I’m sure the trophy glitch doesn’t happen to that many people. Over all and most importantly, this game is one of the best out there and will have you addicted from the first time you play it! Even after completing the game (almost), I still have fun running around and stealing cars, turning things upside-down and creating problems in the city. Thanks for this AWESOME experience, COFFEE STAIN!!!

It's good but fix the glitches

So what's annoying the cops try to take you to the prison hole but they don't let you go until like a minute and then when they let you go your like past out and then you get back up NOPE the cops grab you again and due to it a had to respawn also please add more too do I have done all pranks so please do add more like jewelry robbing and where security cameras call more cops and add where cops can drive cop cars and add swats I just think it will be better and also add gas station robbing also add where cops get teasers and fix it where police REALLY do take you to prison hole please fix the glitches and please respond/or please add this stuff

Mask don’t work

I would love this game except my masks are not working. I equip a mask and it does not actually equip. So now I am stuck in the game:(

Goat simulator

I think the game is really fun and I hope they make more goat games

I hate it

I hate this game because I lost my drill when I was drilling the bank.

THANK YOU COFFEE STAIN!! But.. I found a bug

This game is amazing, I love all the new goats and easter eggs in the game. I love everything about it, but..., there is an issue with the cops, I’ve figured out that the cops are supposed to take you to the police station and drop you in that hole with all the other prisoners, but usually the cop will try taking you there but get stuck behind a building or fire hydrant or something like that, and will end up endlessly keep holding on to you and never letting you go, and the npc thinks it’s running towards the prison, when it’s running into a wall or hydrant, then that results into you having to respawn or start the map over, witch is annoying. P.S. Coffee Stain please respond and/or please fix this bug in a future update

It’s good but....

See this game should be free why does it cost money it is a good game but if u want more people to play then make it free and can offer in app purchases


Ok so I’ve only played this game for like two weeks and I love it so much but it needs more cars like police cars I see like blown up ones in some places but it would be nice if like you hit a cop police cars come and hit u

Good Job

This game is very fun. I got this dlc/ expansion pack (can also be played as its own stand-alone game) in particular is very funny, as it makes fun of the “mature” people who only play games like GTA, without being very offensive. I hope they keep adding content to this game. It would be awesome to see the devs make a dlc/expansion that is a play on super heroes. There already is a spider goat, so it would be great to see this but on a much bigger scale.

Please make another game!

I know many people might say your milking this series now. Which is true but hey it pays the bills right? It would be nice if you tried something new though. The flying mechanics were something fresh which I really enjoyed. Perhaps you could do something similar with other animals like a dragon. And multiplayer is something that a lot of people are wanting too.

Great game but some glitches

I rate this a 3 Star review because one day I was playing this but then the next I went on and play it and a glitch I was unable to install it and it gave me 0 money and I had to restart the whole thing so I hope u fix it I loved this game

Your games are so funny

Make more games I can't stop laughing at the silly crazy world plus goats are funny should be try not to laugh challenge 😂🐐baaaa!

One of the missions..

The dev mission is wired because when you go to the jail, the dev isn’t there! But this game is sooo awesome! I love it! Except that mission.


I could not find the gas canisters


It is a good game but please add more pranks for (baa machine) and more goats to unlock and the trophies 🏆 more easy to find if you add these things I may give this game a five star rating but for now these changes need to happen quickly and just let you now the game suuuuuuuuper glitchy and so anoying please add this and I will be 😃

I love it but

Here’s the thing on console you have more to do how a bout try to make the experience better like have the same things on mobile as the console everything else is pure gold love it really lovin the motroshka goat #purdygang💚💖

Worst part of game

This game is fun but i dont like how a car hits you and then you fly and then you cant do stuff and when you enter the place of bouncing its just the worst worst and worst i dont even get to come out of that place

Love it...

But the only thing that i would like is that you could play with the helicopterkin as the Denny Hornsby npc from the pc and console versions or to put it in the map, besides in the goat simulator original game in phones the npc is already there, so please add it.

Great but...

I love these games, I actually have every game in the series (and all the goats) but I would love a multiplayer feature, thanks for listening

Swearing 🙁 🤬

Goat simulator payday=🖕🤬😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Custom Helicopterkin

Hey Coffee Stain! I think it’s kinda time that you guys and girls can please add a little tab that can allow you to make your own custom people in the game! Because I know I’m sick of trying to flip through Constantly people you mostly don’t want to play! So if you are the Helicopterkin, a little tab will open up near the rec. button and if you tap it, it will open up and there will be a buttons to the following: •hair •shirt •pants •and shoes And you can change to any person in the game or make your own! Oh! And a hat option too! I just thought that it would be easier for all of us if you do it! Thanks so much for your time and have a good day, afternoon, evening, and night! Bye! P.S.: how bout an animation option too! Like: dancing, droopy, hand stand, phone on your ear, both hands on hips, or anything the Npcs do! Thx! P.P.S and a day and night cycle!

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