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Great game but......😒

There is an issue with the glitching in the game besides it's a great.

Fixing problems people have with this game

So people may complain it crashes your device might be old android version didnt work for me so maybe get a new device but if you get maybe try to get pc or xbox version.to drive cars turn your camera the way you want it to go.when cops pick you up you have wait about a minute or 30 seconds until you can move again.if you say this game has many glitches,all games do its hard to make a game.pc and xbox one versions are better they have better graphics and the map is bigger.

Weird glitch with wheelchair

Ok the game is great but you put a woman on the chair I think as the glitch I have a picture to prove it was all over the wheels and I don't know if she was naked or not but all I know is that you need to fix it😡

New goat sim idea

This game is fun and I like it, but I have an idea for your next game. You should make some sort of goat simulator FALLOUT 4 edition. It would be really cool to see.


You can't drive a stunt car!


This game is awesome i enjoy it every it is a fun game for all ages


BAA! This game is great! But I wish there were more missions and masks. Also cars are slightly hard to turn with but other than that the game is perfect.BAAAAAAAA!

Needs more missions

I have to say this game is the best of all goat sims but I and much others have completed all the missions you need to make more in tha next update k thx m8


This game excited me but then I went on the game and it keeps kicking me out right when I start playing. I can't believe I wasted 5$ on this 5$!!!!! This is a outrage.make a update now because I don't want my money wasted

Full of crap

This game started off good but needs more stuff in it. There are so much lagging problems and glitches it makes me so mad when you are so happy and ready to do something and you accidentally run into a building and the whole game freezes and crashes and it also is slow! 👎🏼😡😡😡👎🏼

one more character

i love the game and how it glitches but i was wondering if you could add a cow that explodes things when it moos or somethin' as a character,, idk i just thought about how fun it'll be if there was a cow

Prty good

Needs fixes when I'm dolphin I can't get out of a car without the car freaking out

The lag

I lag like crazy It needs less lag ok if you hate lag this game might give you the bumps ok

Plz make a Skyrim one

A Skyrim one would be AWESOME I really wanna watch a goat go FUS RO DAH

Steering is confuseing

Can't even move the tires on here.😡

Cars, And Rating

Guys, The Cars Are Not Broken! You Just Drive Them Then Move The Screen, Where Ever You See When You Move The Screen It Goes, Now That We Have That Done, Lets Go To The Rating, Its Amazing Its Good And All, But The Pranks Took 30 Mins, For That It Gets 4 Stars, But Other Than That Its Amazing! You Must Buy It

Performance issues ...

Lagging, we need graphics settings options, or you can update to support the iPad 5 honestly this needs to be fixed

Its great but...

There are lots of glitching problems and quite a bit of bugs like sometimes randomly when i lick something the next time i use the lick button it doesnt work, also sometimes my goat will be running before the buildings generate and it gets glitched in and stuck. Also it randomly makes my goat freeze and unable to move or press any of the buttons making it so i constantly haft to turn the power off on my ipad. If you fix these problems i would be happy to give you a five star reveiw you coffee stain do some great work and i think you have great potential so keep up the great work❗️😍😜😝😘

More pranks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game but needs more pranks! Plz plz plZ add more pranks!!!!!!


Great, just fix the car controls please!

Matthew Taylor

Please fix the car controls

The best game

This game is the best cuz you can switch with the pay day animals in the DLC pack and the non-DLC pack and the person who made this game I need to ask you why did you make a game like this we're thinking of it in your mind? And another question is how do you get DLC pack do you get it on computer or iPad phone?

Needs to be more fun

Put muiltiplayer in it

Fun but too short

Good game

Stupid in a good way

I could play this all day!! But can not do it without laughing my head off

Would be amazing but.....

I wish there was a map I could look at in game while in a mission. It is very hard to remember where to go or even figure out where I'm supposed to go based on the cut short scene shown at the baaa machine. I so much want to enjoy this game as much as the others but at this moment it feels like a waste of money. :/

It's good but.........

It's good but it's very short and I don't know how to go to the moon Sinicerly, 8_bitdude756 P.S. I don't know how to go to the moon so plz help me get there if u read this.

Needs more characters

It's a really fun game but it needs to be longer and have more characters



Good, but small

This is a great game, really is! But it needs more missions, mutators, and a larger/ new map, and some secrets! Ideas: Mutators: Stealth Goat/ Box Goat, Crazy Goat, Create-A-Goat/ CHKN Reference, and President Goat! Missions: Vent Crawler, Build-A-Goat, Flushed Away, and Old-Timer's Dream!

Love it


Opened as a different app

I opened it and it was waste of space instead of this game

Good but..........

Not the best game ever. The difference between goat simulator and pay day is that.......... goat simulator is cooler!😂 it's good for goats. I have 14 cats!

Needs More Pranks

I agree with the other posters- a great game but needs more pranks. I finished them all quickly and all I can do now is rile up the cops and shoot fireworks at them. The 'trap' is pointless and needs something- how about a teleporter to Waste of Space? Or riding the train to Goatville? Police cars that give chase would be great, too.

BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

Love this game, love the animals, love it all, MUST BUY


So first of all, here's all the problems I've experienced with these game: 1. Doesn't even make sense. 2. TOO MUCH GLITCHINGGGG!!! 3. More quests. 4. Better driving. 5. More cars. 5. More characters. 6. No bad words coffee stain. I mean srsly, kids are playing. They don't have to grow up saying these words cause of a stupid game that taught them these words. And finally, don't make ppl spend there money. I mean, with all these problems, it's just a rip-off so yeah. Just make it free. Fix these problems and you'll get ur self a 5 star. Thx, me

I own this game on Xbox

And I know the console types are better but I was expecting a whole lot more from this game. The one thing I was excited about were the cars. This had to be the most disappointing thing about the game! The controls were a bit janky and having to toggle the boost on and off is annoying. The map is really small to and the game is a bit minimalistic.

AWSOME😆😆game but I want multiplayer

I have always enjoyed your games and this is the best one but It needs multiplayer my brother Adam wants to online with so PPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Make it multiplayer

A Little Bit Short, and A Few Glitches

This game is awesome and all, but this needs more missions. A mission I suggest is bringing some of the cash behind Harvest & Trustee (Behind the building is the cash drop off point), and you bring it to one of the places in the map. A glitch i'm mentioning is that the cash bags are actually listed as "Table" when you lick them, and also they make the table sound, even though they're obviously Payday 2 Duffel Bags. A reason for the shortness is because the missions are really easy, and there aren't that many. I finished all the missions within the course of 2-3 days. This game has potential, but needs a little work. Thank you for reading my review.


Game keeps crashing, and lagging. Please fix!! Good game

Don't get your hopes up.

I have had all of the other goat simulators and loved them. But this one is so glitchy it crashes every time I try to open it. Waste of my money!

Almost five star

It was pretty cool but you should add a horse with more quests the horse should have wings


THIS GAME IS THE BEST! I PLAY IT EVERY WHERE! But, there is one problem. This game takes up so much space and battery (Same with the other ones that I have)! But other than that it is a great game and I suggest buying it!

Great Game! But a suggestion,

This is an amazing game! I wish you could put The mutators on all the characters except just the normal goat. Also please fix the turning physics!

Funniest Physics Ever

Laughing so hard, even when there's nothing left to do. I love going sent across the map after landing on a moving van. KEEP IT UP, COFFEE STAINS STUDIO! (UPDATE: Can u plz add a holiday level for this? A 4th of July map would be sooo cool. IndeGoatence day!)

Guys cars are fine

The cars are fine where ever you make your camera look that's where you go if you drive forward and same for backwards but the cars do need a little more control

Ugggggggggg 😭😭😭

You know why I gave it two stars because it drove me crazy!!!! Like I have never been so stressed out in my life!!!!! Ugggggggg I wasted 5 DOLLARS!!!!! So if you get stressed out easy don't get it

Would make it 5 stars but...

There's not many missions and they only took maybe 20 min to complete, but otherwise it's a great game.

To short

I finished this game in two days it's $5 and it's a total waste of money make the game longer. If it was longer I would recommend this game to all my friends and I will rate this game the magical 5⭐️ stars. Pls make it longer and fix bugs

Very glitchy

The game is rather glitchy, even by goat sim standards When you are hit by cars you fly super far. Like hitting the map wall far Once you're kicked by the cops you can't move, Like at all. I have to quit out If you touch the drill while it's drilling it will disappear Cars will just blow up. The game is fun overall but it's got some problems

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