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More goat games

I think you should make another goat game with the person shape shifter


Great game good job

Funniest Physics Ever (EDITED)

Laughing so hard, even when there's nothing left to do. I love going sent across the map after landing on a moving van. KEEP IT UP, COFFEE STAINS STUDIO! (UPDATE: Can u plz add a holiday level for this? A 4th of July map would be sooo cool. IndeGoatence day!) (UPDATE 2: I’ve been waiting for a holiday level for this game, but you haven’t done it yet. I would totally like a holiday level for this, maybe one that deals with fireworks or something like that. You could have a reference to Jacksepticeye or have an area where the player can customize the room.)

I like it but...

I like it but when I switch to a new animal (goat) it would spawn somewhere else when I’m in like a safe or something and I lose my way back to the safe.

Waste of Money!👎👎😡😡

This game is awesome but i waste my $5 for this game I thought this game is like a open world but what!?! The map is so Small And while a driving a car while theres no button so im confused you have to rotate your screen to move the car wheel.. WHAT THE F*CK NO REFUND!?

Somewhat of a big issue

Whenever I switch characters I get teleported back to spawn because I need the different characters. And example is i use the flamingo when traveling far distances, and I use the goat for inside buildings and traveling in small spaces. Also the revolving door in the bank is super hard to get in and out, I end up going limp and I hit a cop. Which btw the cops are super annoying! They don't let you go for at least a minute and they swing you around, and when they finally let you go you are past out so you can't get away! Anyways this game is super awesome but these glitches are getting annoying.

I love it but...

Sometimes it takes forever to load and then it crashes when I am getting popcorn and then when I get back on when the Game is generating I’m driving and then when it’s Generated I get stuck in the buildings

Washington DC area please?

With new goats, quests and even more crime!

This is a Mindless Unfair scam😡😡😡😡😡😡

Ok, so, at first, this game costed 4.99 and now, its 1.99. This is an unfair scam, i would never reccomend this game to anyone this is a big waste of money! i demand a refund!


This game is awesome, totally worth the dollar, however it does not have multiplayer and I would appreciate it if you added it.

New Event *HiKa*

This game is awesome but all the other goat simulators have events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) and I really think that this game should have a Saint Patrick's day event! I hope you do this (And add a new map and new pranks to go along with it)!!!

It’s good

It’s all good but one problem... the steering mechanism is not working, can you please fix it?

Good but better if

If they added a blue buggy and rocket league cars and if ther was a pistol goat and shotgun goat and you get it by putting the payday crew in jail

Awesome game but...

I absolutely L.O.V.E this game but one day I'm playing it and when I try to put the mask on the dolphin it just zooms into the character that I already put the mask on?! So please fix it otherwise this is a big fat thumbs up!(5 star)

Love it

Best :)


Just...... Just....... I play to much Payday2 and this is just........ omg yes

Awesome a little suggestion

U should add apartments and when u rob a bank for cash monies u can buy furniture and hide in ur apartments u should also add all other goats from different games like all original in waste of space u get the idea


This game is funny really funny

Reset save almost got me in tears

I accidentally pressed reset and save and I can’t get ANYTHING back. I’m super sad and mad and I worked really hazard to get those goats. How do you fix it?? Please, I really want to know. Or else, I may give this app 0 stars. VERY disappointed

AWESOME, but...

This game is really cool and all, but sometimes when I get in a car, I can’t get out so I have to exit the game and start over.😡😭 plz fix!!! P.S. You should add motorcycles, the cool Kawasaki ones. Yeah, Do itttttt👍👍👍


but I want this to be fixed. I want to get all the cops on the air balloon with evil goat because I can do as much of a time BUT I AM TIRED OF THE EVIL GOAT GOING EVERYWHERE EVERYTIME I FALL so please fix this BEACUSE IT IS VERY ANNOYING love yo game


The new update broke the game, I had no problems playing it. I bought one of the crossover packs, and when I started playing as them it broke the game. When I change characters they will spawn where you start, the game will completely freeze, and it has gone over my other games too. Please fix this issue.

Dear created

Dear created if you've Been listening when I told you to make goat simulator 2 then put the word Paxton in goat simulator payday

Idea for coffee stain studios

I HAVE AN IDEA. how about goat simulator airport. You cane fly planes and more goats!overall i love your games! ;)

Idea for Next game

We have the payday genre, the simulator genre, zombie genre, sci-fi and Rpg genres. What we need is a prison break genre, as you try and escape prison in goat simulator! That would be so much fun!

I don’t know what I wanna say about this game..........

Like there’s just...you need to add more new goats and missons and plany of updates just update the game you [cc0000] peasant New:add stars discrption there’s a star on the top right corner click it and you can edit everything even humans and cops you can turn them into zombies helpers anything you want and you cannot edit the missons you can also edit your own go and make abilitys for it >>>>>>>>>second NEW goat ghost goat discrpition control and shoot anything that explodes and make zombies cuz this goat is haunted >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>third NEW map amarica>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fourth NEW online button play online with friends and other players!

Great game but......😒

There is an issue with the glitching in the game besides it's a great.

Fixing problems people have with this game

So people may complain it crashes your device might be old android version didnt work for me so maybe get a new device but if you get maybe try to get pc or xbox version.to drive cars turn your camera the way you want it to go.when cops pick you up you have wait about a minute or 30 seconds until you can move again.if you say this game has many glitches,all games do its hard to make a game.pc and xbox one versions are better they have better graphics and the map is bigger.

Weird glitch with wheelchair

Ok the game is great but you put a woman on the chair I think as the glitch I have a picture to prove it was all over the wheels and I don't know if she was naked or not but all I know is that you need to fix it😡

New goat sim idea

This game is fun and I like it, but I have an idea for your next game. You should make some sort of goat simulator FALLOUT 4 edition. It would be really cool to see.


You can't drive a stunt car!


This game is awesome i enjoy it every it is a fun game for all ages


BAA! This game is great! But I wish there were more missions and masks. Also cars are slightly hard to turn with but other than that the game is perfect.BAAAAAAAA!

Needs more missions

I have to say this game is the best of all goat sims but I and much others have completed all the missions you need to make more in tha next update k thx m8


This game excited me but then I went on the game and it keeps kicking me out right when I start playing. I can't believe I wasted 5$ on this 5$!!!!! This is a outrage.make a update now because I don't want my money wasted

Full of crap

This game started off good but needs more stuff in it. There are so much lagging problems and glitches it makes me so mad when you are so happy and ready to do something and you accidentally run into a building and the whole game freezes and crashes and it also is slow! 👎🏼😡😡😡👎🏼

one more character

i love the game and how it glitches but i was wondering if you could add a cow that explodes things when it moos or somethin' as a character,, idk i just thought about how fun it'll be if there was a cow

Prty good

Needs fixes when I'm dolphin I can't get out of a car without the car freaking out

The lag

I lag like crazy It needs less lag ok if you hate lag this game might give you the bumps ok

Plz make a Skyrim one

A Skyrim one would be AWESOME I really wanna watch a goat go FUS RO DAH

Steering is confuseing

Can't even move the tires on here.😡

Cars, And Rating

Guys, The Cars Are Not Broken! You Just Drive Them Then Move The Screen, Where Ever You See When You Move The Screen It Goes, Now That We Have That Done, Lets Go To The Rating, Its Amazing Its Good And All, But The Pranks Took 30 Mins, For That It Gets 4 Stars, But Other Than That Its Amazing! You Must Buy It

Performance issues ...

Lagging, we need graphics settings options, or you can update to support the iPad 5 honestly this needs to be fixed

Its great but...

There are lots of glitching problems and quite a bit of bugs like sometimes randomly when i lick something the next time i use the lick button it doesnt work, also sometimes my goat will be running before the buildings generate and it gets glitched in and stuck. Also it randomly makes my goat freeze and unable to move or press any of the buttons making it so i constantly haft to turn the power off on my ipad. If you fix these problems i would be happy to give you a five star reveiw you coffee stain do some great work and i think you have great potential so keep up the great work❗️😍😜😝😘

More pranks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game but needs more pranks! Plz plz plZ add more pranks!!!!!!


Great, just fix the car controls please!

Matthew Taylor

Please fix the car controls

The best game

This game is the best cuz you can switch with the pay day animals in the DLC pack and the non-DLC pack and the person who made this game I need to ask you why did you make a game like this we're thinking of it in your mind? And another question is how do you get DLC pack do you get it on computer or iPad phone?

Needs to be more fun

Put muiltiplayer in it

Fun but too short

Good game

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