Goat Simulator PAYDAY App Reviews

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Great game

This is a great game but needs more goats and missions to do.👍

dolphin in a human wheelchair?

first i become the ostrige goat then i respawn then i am a ram with a corrupted jump and then i turn into a dolphin in a wheelchair but a human wheelchair i can see textures

Love the references.

I think you should make more Easter eggs and references to the games like goat far cry or goat t a like gta


I’m kinda disappointed because this was my favorite game until the newest update. I like to roleplay (it’s fun lol) and like shapeshift into different characters. I was on top of a building and I kept down to shapeshift into a person but boom i was back at the start.. I can’t do anything now please help our community by fixing this glitch (;

Incredibly BORING

The others are ok, it’s just that this one is boring.

Please make another game!

U know how u made the flamingo fly? Can u make a dragon character model that flies too? Maybe even breathes fire cough cough? That would be amazing! Dragons are pretty popular now a days so adding a dragon playable character that can fly would definitely make more people buy the game. Just a thought u know wink wink hint hint. Plz I’m desperate for a new mobile game where I can play as a dragon XD Yes I still use the XD emoji

Great game but...

There are a lot of glitches in the game. For example, if I leave the game while in a “prank” the game assumes that I already finished the prank when I did not. Or in the game vault it restarts itself when I leave but when I had to get a new “Sectrum 3” copy of the game I reopen the vault and nothing was there. And when I change characters I am teleported somewhere else and I have to go all the way back to where I needed to go. Please fix the game. But overall it is a really fun game oh and add the button that you can use to make a goat noise 🐐 👍😀

Please add support for iPhone X

Love this game and all of the goat simulator games but the fact that they don’t have support for iPhone X is really started to make me angry. iPhone X has been out for over 4 months now and it is ridiculous that a popular app like goat simulator doesn’t support it. Please release an update with support for iPhone X ASAP!

There's a difference

I watched a video about this game and I saw police cars on the video so then I got the game I looked and there wasn't any police cars so I want the creator of the game to make everything the same on every device.

Great game,has some glitches.

So I really like this game and it is SO fun!!! But every time that l switch characters, the game respawns me back to the begging!!! It is really aggravating! Please fix this problem and l will gladly give you guys a five star rating! Thank you.


This was worth my $5 :D

Goat cause 3

Make another one similar to JUST CAUSE THREE Next with guns bases and the evil guys cats I read the story on the App Store (how did goat simulator get so popular) if you made this one of the games I think every won would love it👍🏻👍🏻 btw a few bugs 1 i was playing gs payday and I tried to get the slick goat from going through the burger pipe from the doors that open to a black room and i went through it and it crashed my game I tried it again at least 20 more times and it kept doing the same thing 2 I was using the flamingo and I tried to fly but when I did it automaticly changed my goat so please squash these bugs for me and please make GOAT CAUSE 3.

Good but...

Maybe try and fix the glitch where when you change your char. you teleport back to spawn? Really annoying.

WHY IS THIS GAME SO GOOD but one thing...

This game is pretty good but there really is not a way to get away from the police I mean like you can get away from them but it is kinda hard but other than that ... IT'S SO AWSOME!!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😜😜😜😜😜


I played this game three times but here's what's bugging me out. Thats right. The old goat jumps like he's crushed himself but still alive. Can you fix it please?

Read this for real info about this game

Ok hello people if you are reading this so I’m not going to make this a forever comment so here are things about this game that is good and bad Ok so this game is more awesome then some of the other goat sims and it’s really fun and funny if you like goats fighting explosions and funny stuff you’ll like this.you can start pranks and earn money and you can still unlock the goats and a lot more stuff.the bad stuff is there are sometimes glitches sometimes they’re not annoying like a little freeze which doesn’t happen that much but what is annoying is when you get thrown through the world and also if u get stuck underground which doesn’t happen a lot but sometimes well that’s it I hope you read it this far if you did u deserve a cookie and I think this is a 5star game thanks bye

A suggestion goes a far way...

One day as I was playing as the T. rex, and I know you don't do this but maybe just maybe you could make a game where you have goat sim graphics but you play as Dino's like the T. rex, pharadiycl or stegosaurus and maybe others and thank you for your work👌

Give me back my money NOW



This game is amazing!!!!! The graphics are good and the gameplay is good but the controls are not really that easy to use!

Game suggestions

The game is great and really really fun. But I have some new game suggestions. Mabye u could make a Goat Simulator Online. U can unlock new goats and jump off buildings and do stuff like that. But the best part will be that u ar playing online and u can chat with people. So can u make this game idea if you can. Thx. Keep up the great work Coffee Stain.👍

Make an Asia

Make an Asia goat simulator and put those Asian looking people

I cannot play the game!

It won’t let me play it will just kick me out I even deleted the app and it didn’t change so pls fix and might give a better rating

Needs multiplayer mode

My brother and I love to play this game and we have to pretend that we’re in the same world


Ok so thanks for reading this. The game is fun...BUT every minute it glitches me out of the game and makes me restart my progress, also I don't think it is worth the money, like maybe like 1 dollar or 2 but, who ever is reading this if you are REALLY REALLY patient then you don't need to think about this review BUT the game calls for a lot of patience, and I think the game should tell you Should tell you how to do the prank so, and more goats!

Deformed Characters, but great game!!!

I’ve played the whole series of Goat Simulator and have all of the games, so I have the characters from different versions that are playable. All of the characters work in the other games, but in payday, the characters morph their bodies into impossible forms when I lick, jump, or attack. Plz fix! This game is still my favorite even with the issue. Thank you!

Best 1 in the sierries so far (:

Face it.this game is great cus you can drive cars fly and glitches r in every goat sim so dats normal

Update idea

In payday it should be online only with friends and you just have to login and search for the username and friend them I have a brother and I really want to play online with him please

It’s ok

The game is great and all but the only thing is that button that’s right above the control stick, if you press it it changes you to another goat and your someplace else and it’s SUPER annoying

The most awesome game series ever

Hey coffee stain studios the goat simulator games are unbelievable I wish there were more to show me dedication I downloaded all of the games I also have a great idea for a new game it’s kinda like super Mario maker but it’s goat simulator you should call it goat simulator sand box I think that will get a lot of downloads thanks for reading this(if you do):love a fan of goats


Please add a night mode and multiplayer it would be awesome


OMG best game I love the graphics and I like that it glitches it's very funny and fun one thing that I would want you to fix is that when I change my character once whenever I change it again my character teleports back to where I first change it. But besides for a very fun game ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ



By dog lover

I love the game but i think that you should be able to join other people's worlds if they have the same internet i also think that there should be more places to discover

it's really fun for a while

but after u get all the goats,all the trophies,and complete all the pranks it's really boring so i wouldn't suggest it

Another game and holiday update for this game

I have 1 thing to say and another thing I want to ask 1) is there going to be a holiday update for this game? because you need to have to make a holiday update 2) please make another game of goat simulator.

More goat games

I think you should make another goat game with the person shape shifter


Great game good job

Funniest Physics Ever (EDITED)

Laughing so hard, even when there's nothing left to do. I love going sent across the map after landing on a moving van. KEEP IT UP, COFFEE STAINS STUDIO! (UPDATE: Can u plz add a holiday level for this? A 4th of July map would be sooo cool. IndeGoatence day!) (UPDATE 2: I’ve been waiting for a holiday level for this game, but you haven’t done it yet. I would totally like a holiday level for this, maybe one that deals with fireworks or something like that. You could have a reference to Jacksepticeye or have an area where the player can customize the room.)

I like it but...

I like it but when I switch to a new animal (goat) it would spawn somewhere else when I’m in like a safe or something and I lose my way back to the safe.

Waste of Money!👎👎😡😡

This game is awesome but i waste my $5 for this game I thought this game is like a open world but what!?! The map is so Small And while a driving a car while theres no button so im confused you have to rotate your screen to move the car wheel.. WHAT THE F*CK NO REFUND!?

Somewhat of a big issue

Whenever I switch characters I get teleported back to spawn because I need the different characters. And example is i use the flamingo when traveling far distances, and I use the goat for inside buildings and traveling in small spaces. Also the revolving door in the bank is super hard to get in and out, I end up going limp and I hit a cop. Which btw the cops are super annoying! They don't let you go for at least a minute and they swing you around, and when they finally let you go you are past out so you can't get away! Anyways this game is super awesome but these glitches are getting annoying.

I love it but...

Sometimes it takes forever to load and then it crashes when I am getting popcorn and then when I get back on when the Game is generating I’m driving and then when it’s Generated I get stuck in the buildings

Washington DC area please?

With new goats, quests and even more crime!

This is a Mindless Unfair scam😡😡😡😡😡😡

Ok, so, at first, this game costed 4.99 and now, its 1.99. This is an unfair scam, i would never reccomend this game to anyone this is a big waste of money! i demand a refund!


This game is awesome, totally worth the dollar, however it does not have multiplayer and I would appreciate it if you added it.

New Event *HiKa*

This game is awesome but all the other goat simulators have events (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) and I really think that this game should have a Saint Patrick's day event! I hope you do this (And add a new map and new pranks to go along with it)!!!

It’s good

It’s all good but one problem... the steering mechanism is not working, can you please fix it?

Good but better if

If they added a blue buggy and rocket league cars and if ther was a pistol goat and shotgun goat and you get it by putting the payday crew in jail

Awesome game but...

I absolutely L.O.V.E this game but one day I'm playing it and when I try to put the mask on the dolphin it just zooms into the character that I already put the mask on?! So please fix it otherwise this is a big fat thumbs up!(5 star)

Love it

Best :)

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